Logo AscorMoviesAscormovies was created in 2002 with the intention of warning people of the dangers hidden in certain movies. Those movies were always wrapped in a halo of beauty on their covers and trailers, of great stars and awesome special effects, but the inside was unbearable. Those movies didn´t deserve to be watched and would be better off in the trash can.

To avoid permanent brain damage in those who watched them, our mission was to see them and write their reviews, to advise everybody not to watch them or if they ever do, to be aware of the consequences. We have already warned you.

Along all these years we have had many contributors who have helped us with those movies they know, and with their reviews they have assisted us in our honorable mission. We would also like to thank our partners for their collaboration in our effort to reach you all through the internet.

Many movies seen, many comments made, many shocking images, many memorable moments and nonsense sentences have damages our neurons and made us believe the movie-makers  may not think much , as it isn`t normal to make so many bad movies.

We have always graded them trying to be objective, though it is sometimes really hard, because the rage felt facing such lack of interest the producers, stars and directors show in each frame gets on our nerves. What can`t be denied is that each review comes from the deepest feelings of the ones who have seen them.

We have always been open to external collaboration; we have subtitled movies which were not available in Spanish and we have collaborated in every possible way to find those “jewels” in the shape of hard or even impossible to find movies. It is worth mentioning the moment when we share our movies at a “gathering” and comments such as “WTF is this???!!!!” are heard. That encourages us to go on, because we know there are a lot of people who still need to know “the dark side” of the less known movies.

So, this is all. Thanks a lot for visiting and reading us, and the most important, for avoiding those movies.  🙂